Space Girl Adventures

The Adventures of Space Girl Read

The series starts with The Adventures of Space Girl Red. Where in you see our heroine leave home with her trusty flying saucer Astroboy to seek her fortune. In the process she saves a planet of tree people, partners with flying monkeys, and defeats an Evil God King.

Growing Up Rainbow

Read The Adventures of Space Girl Red and wonder what it was like growing up on Home? Or how Space Girl Rainbow Capricorn came together? Well now you can find out in this episodic serial story on Wattpad. The complete story is now available!

Space Girl Green is In Beta

The sequel to Red is off to the editor, and we need Beta Readers. If you would like to beta read The Adventures of Space Girl Green, you can sign up on her website:
If you read the book and give me feed back there is a Space Girl Challenge Coin in it for you.

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Space Girl Adventures Series

This novel series tells the stories of a Rainbow of Space Girls from the planet Home as they go out and make the universe a better place.

Pinup SciFi lets you experience retro space adventures with that fabulous aesthetic, but with a modern girl power sensibility.

About the Author

R. A. Davis is a polymath, which is a pretentious way of saying they know a little bit about a lot of different stuff. Programmer, photographer, paramedic, podcaster, and mentor.

A life long fan of science fiction, 2020 was the year to finally finish a novel. Born out of a pinup photoshoot a decade ago, The Adventures of Space Girl Red, is a debut novel.