Creative Lii’s Space Girl Red

I’ve decided to ask artists to create original pieces about the Space Girl Adventures. The first is from Creative Lii.

It’s a fascinating process to work with an artist. I have an image of Red in my head – very much based on the original photoshoot – but each person who draws her, has their own take.

Yes, some details are different from the book, but that needed to happen for them to really be in the picture. For instance, Red’s tattoos start on her left shoulder, go across her back to her right hip. But if Lii had done that, we wouldn’t see them on the bottom. This conveys they are all the way down.

This is the first interpretation of the Space Girl Dress Dress. It’s seen a graduation in Chapter 2. It is that iconic style from the retro sci-fi day and this does a great job to expressing it.

We also get a more accurate picture of Astroboy.

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