The Purposes

Most of the metaphors of Home are about light and color. Good vs Evil is Light vs Darkness. Every girl and woman of Home dedicates herself to combating Darkness with Light.

There are many aspects of this battle, and no one can do everything. So girls pick a Purpose with a capital P. This is one of the aspects she is going to dedicate her Vocation to. Here’s the list:

LightDarknessRainbow Capricorn
Life (Healing)Death & DestructionGreen
Law & JusticeCrime & OppressionRed
Harmony & UnityDivision

There is discussion in the book about the fact every Space Girl Cares about all of these values. They are just dedicated to one of them.

We also see how sometimes pursuing on Purpose may conflict with someone else’s pursuit of a different Purpose. Blue’s Robinhood approach to Wealth vs. Poverty, conflicts with Red’s Justice vs Crime.

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