Purpose and Vocation; An Interlude

In The Space Girl Adventures Series each girl and woman of Home have a Purpose and Vocation. I’m not sure if in The Adventures of Space Girl Red it is explained very clearly. Since I like to avoid info dumps in my work, I often have characters explain things. I wrote a scene that would have been between Chapter 1 & 2, where Rainbow Capricorn discuss this topic. Ultimately I pulled it out because it interrupted the flow and was just there for this explanation. Here it is for your enjoyment:

Space Girl Red snorted a laugh when she pulled a little book out of the bottom of her locker.

“What’s funny,” asked Green as she tried to stuff what looked like an entire chemistry lab into a duffle bag?

Red waved the little book, The Values of Home. “Remember how much time I spent studying this thing in Rainbow school? I didn’t get any of it.” She opened the book at random and started reading, “Every girl on Home seeks a Purpose and a Vocation. A Purpose is a great trouble they are going to fight in their lives. A Vocation is how they will do so. Girls of similar Vocation are grouped together into a Rainbow. Each member of that Rainbow will have a different Purpose.”

“Remember when they put us all in a Rainbow and we couldn’t figure out any vocation that fit all of our different purposes,” said Red.

“Only because you thought some purposes were in compatible with some vocations,” said Orange.

“Like being dedicated to Life and being a Warrior,” said Green, “Or a Space Girl.”

Red shook her head at her friend. “Combating death and destruction is exactly the kind of thing a Space Girl would do and fits your Purpose of serving Life, Green. But Wealth for Poverty people are only suited to be bankers,” throwing shade at Blue.

“And people who serve Beauty are only suited to be painters, or hair-dressers,” smiled Orange before Blue could get started. “You never understood how I could serve Beauty with a flying saucer and raygun.”

“You have to admit it is a bit of a reach,” said Red.

Orange’s laugh was musical. “You Justice people see everything as black and white. To me, all the wrongness out there in the universe is ugly. Whether it is slavery, or a little boy told he’s unworthy of a mate because of the shape of his features. They are all in need of the truth of beauty.”

“What about Love,” asked Blue. “I can see how sometimes you need a raygun to redistribute wealth, but when do you need one to show love?”

Red was glad Purple was still explaining herself to Head Woman Crimson, otherwise they would get a lecture that might make them late for graduation tomorrow. She laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it from Purple,” said Blue, raising her hands in mock surrender. ”I’ve gotten my lumps in hand to hand, which she assured me were out of love.”

This cause them all to laugh. Purple was the deepest of them. Every girl of Home actually believed all the Purposes were important and interrelated. But Purple’s understanding was at a level far beyond the others.

Tomorrow I’ll give you the whole list and my ideas behind it.

Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

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